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Is Degree 🎓 Important for Career in IT & InfoSec 💻? - Twitter Review

Is Degree 🎓 Important for Career in IT & InfoSec 💻? - Twitter Review
Thinking about making your career in IT & InfoSec? Wants to know what other professionals and public figures think about having a Degree or Not?

What people think about?
Let’s see what professionals are saying on Twitter
What Wesley Thijs aka the XSS Rat says
the XSS Rat on Twitter:
the Phillip Wylie, Ambassador of The Innocent Lives Foundation says 
Phillip Wylie on Twitter:
What Michael Skelton says
Michael Skelton on Twitter:
The Julien Ahrens says
Julien Ahrens on Twitter:
& Magno Logan agrees with Julien Ahrens and says
Magno Logan on Twitter:
What Tib3rius says
Tib3rius on Twitter:
Fun Facts
GodFather Orwa says
GodFather Orwa on Twitter:
What b4Zz2 says
b4Zz2 on Twitter:
What Luke Stephens says
HΔKLUKΞ on Twitter:
What other says
Dazzy says
Dazzy on Twitter:
gardon3x says
gordon3x on Twitter:
Simon Ballantyne says
Simon Ballantyne on Twitter:
RogueSMG says
RogueSMG on Twitter:
What Indian Professionals Say
There are some Indian professionals and their views on this
Deepak Kumar aka D3, Forensics Expert says
DEEPAK KUMAR (D3) on Twitter:
Women-In-Tech Shreyal Jain says
Shreyal Jain on Twitter:
Shreyal Jain on Twitter:
The Mayur Parmar says
Mayur Parmar on Twitter:
What Kathan Patel says
Kathan Patel on Twitter:
& Ninad Mathpati says
Ninad Mathpati (हैकर २२०२)🇮🇳 on Twitter:
@Dhiraj_Datar says
micr0 🇮🇳 on Twitter:
Fun fact from Indian professional
Shubham Yernale says
Shubham Yernale on Twitter:
These are some of the views and opinions of some IT guys and professionals on Twitter Chat Conducted by Shobhit Sharma aka ScriptKKiddie on March 23, 2021.
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